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28 UP – 28 UP ? made in Italy “X? slit on 8 1/2 x 11 Sheets

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ATW – All Temperature White Permanent, BKP – Brown Kraft Permanent, CMI – Clear Matte Inkjet, CMP – Clear Matte Permanent, FGP – Fluorescent Green Permanent, FOR – Fluorescent Orange Permanent, FPP – Fluorescent Pink Permanent, FRP – Fluorescent Red Permanent, FYP – Fluorescent Yellow Permanent, GCI – Gloss Clear Inkjet, GCP – Gloss Clear Permanent, HGW – High Gloss Permanent White, HTW – High Temperature Permanent White, KTP – Khaki Tan Permanent, LBK – Light Brown Kraft Permanent, LFG – Laser Foil Gold Permanent, LFS – Laser Foil Silver Permanent, MGW – Mid-Gloss Permanent White, NWP – Natural White Permanent, OPW – Uncoated Opaque Permanent White (Block-Out), PBK – Prairie Brown Kraft Permanent, PBP – Pastel Blue Permanent, PDL – Poly Drum Permanent Label, PGP – Pastel Green Permanent, PGW – Photo Gloss White Permanent, PLW – Poly Laser Permanent White, POP – Pastel Orange Permanent, PPP – Pastel Pink Permanent, PYP – Pastel Yellow Permanent, RMW – Uncoated Removable White, RPW – Recycled Permanent White, UBP – Uncoated Blue Permanent, UGP – Uncoated Green Permanent, UOP – Uncoated Orange Permanent, UPP – Uncoated Pink Permanent, UPU – Uncoated Purple Permanent, UPW – Uncoated Permanent White, URP – Uncoated Red Permanent, UYP – Uncoated Yellow Permanent, WPI – White Poly Inkjet